Musical Silence

I climbed through a broken store front window to take this (oh, the things I’ll do when I see something interesting).  I wonder how many people sat behind it and made music.  And now it sits silent.




it’s a burger night, with zucchini and onion grilled right along side those burgers.  and potatoes, because you can’t have burgers without potatoes.

and chocolate cake with peanut butter icing for dessert.  because my friend Vanda posted a picture of said cake on her facebook page last night, and it started calling my name.

time to go get the coals going.  and make the icing.






Update:  Um…chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting-Hellooooooo, Lover.

My husband says it’s so rich, it’s a one piece a week cake.

Small Town Living

I live in a small town in south Georgia.  This hasn’t always been the case: I grew up in Metro Atlanta-Gwinnett County.  Everything I needed five minutes away, ten tops.  Now, it’s 30 minutes to Wal Mart, Target, Publix-I have to want to go-and NEED things-have a list-to go.  There are 10 red lights in this county: 9 in the city we call home.  It’s a love-hate relationship: there aren’t as many things to do, but then, because there aren’t as many thing to do, you’re forced to slow down, to notice things. Continue reading

Thursday Calm

We’re in the first full week of summer here at the Lumberjack house.  I have a seventh grader now-he’s sitting at the computer in the dining room making a power point-yes, he is.  Don’t ask.  I can’t explain it, and I can’t even attempt to.


Library trips, boy scout camp, a trip to the Tellus Museum-and before you know it, school will be ready to start again.  So here’s to lazy summer days, and calm peaceful summer nights.