Raising Children

I have a sixth grader. He is not athletic. He is super smart, loves to draw and read. We are active with our local boy scout troop, where he learns important life lessons (that he may or may not “get” right now, but they’ll make sense one day).

While I know that he has been picked on before, I don’t get a lot of information from him.  I have to ask questions (shouldn’t we all ask our kids questions about their lives?).  Crossing my fingers that we make it through the middle school years peacefully (well, as peacefully as a middle school student can be), and we sail into high school.

What do you say when you know your child has been bullied, picked on by the mean kid? What do you do?  Do you approach with mama bear claws extended, or do you approach gracefully, knowing that the bully probably has problems of their own?

Sandy, writer of  the blog “The Scoop on Balance,” wrote an incredible post on What to do when Someone is Mean to Your Child.

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I’m not sure that the mama bear claws would appear if my child is bullied, but I can say that I will definitely teach my son to never be the mean kid.   Never.


2 thoughts on “Raising Children

  1. I was a little taken aback at my own mama-bear reaction when my son was bullied. So thankful the the underlying message and lesson of the incident is reaching so many other families. Thanks so much for sharing it on your blog.

    p.s. LOVE the image in your header!

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