Beach Trip

I have some wonderful friends that live near the beach in Florida. We’ve been friends for over twenty years and they have an incredibly strong relationship.  They’re awesome peoples: when the two men in my house headed to Scout camp last June, the question wasn’t if I was going to visit, it was how long would I be able to stay.

JM 21 wm

The weather was perfect; hot, but perfect.  The last night I was there, we headed to the beach-I wanted sunset pictures.  To Inlet Beach we went: had to put my toes in the sand.

Lots of memories here: the beach was just across the road from where my aunt and uncle lived years ago.

Beach 6 wm

Beach 5 wm

Beach 3 wm

 Beach 4 wm

Beach 2 wm

Before the beach, we visited Eden State Gardens.  If you’re ever in the area, take the time to visit.

There’s a reason it’s called Eden.

 DPP_01162 wm

The house, and view from the porch.  I could live with this.

Eden 1 wm  

   DPP_01240 wm

Beautiful hydrangeas on the grounds.

DPP_01160 wm

Eden 4 wm     

   DPP_01251 wm

Do you see it?  It appeared to me during editing, and I think it defines my friends perfectly.

JM 18 wm


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