This Boy…

There’s this boy…he owns my heart.  Seems like yesterday when we brought him home, and now he’s 11, in middle school.  And boy, does he takes after his mama.

arrow  of light wm

Except for dinosaurs.  He loves dinosaurs.  For six years he’s said that he wants to be a paleontologist.  Big word when he was a  4 year old, but then again, when he started to talk, he spoke in multiple word sentences.   He begs for the dig ’em-up dinosaur bone kits; you know, the ones that make a huge mess and then fall apart 5 minutes after he gets it put together.  But hey-if he’s going to be a famous dinosaur digger-upper someday, he needs the practice, right?

The child can draw-I mean REALLY draw.  I have a framed T-rex skeleton in my office (Big Sue, y’all, look her up).  Four year ago, he popped out of his bedroom with this drawing in hand.  “Here, mom, this is for you.”  Completely from memory, mind you.  He sees things once, and then draws them-from memory.  We’ve  gone from mural-size alligators to dinosaurs and dragons.

dragon wm dinosaur wm










I have an album on Fb of “Random Acts of Braddock.” Because he is.  Random.  And awesome.

But oh, the things he says, the things he does.  The really funny stuff is posted on my Facebook page; I’ve had several FB friends say they love when a post of mine pops up, because they know it will have them laughing.

Recently, I had to remind him: “Don’t eat like a dinosaur, Braddock.”  And when he was younger, he had to be told to walk like a boy, not a dinosaur (see the theme???).

And from a conversation in the car a while ago:

Braddock: “You know what would be a cool insect to have as a pet?”

Me: “No, what?”

Braddock: “A praying mantis. Because when the male is injecting sperm into the female’s abdomen, she devours his head.”

Me: “She’s a man eater.”  

Braddock: “Deadly love.”


This kid…not sure what I would do without him.

directingchocolate hands wm

Go here and have a good laugh.  If you’ve heard of “Sparkly Green Earrings,” Melanie Shankle has new book just out.  Link is to a video interview between Edie Wadsworth and Melanie.  It’s a hoot, y’all.


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