The Mom Heart

We have a little family of three in this house; I’m outnumbered 2-1 (if you count the cats and bearded dragon, then the girls outnumber the guys 3-2).

So this little man, he’s kind of neat. He learns as much as he can about a subject, then moves on to another subject, and the process repeats. Goes from dinosaurs to Star Wars to legos to boats back to dinosaurs to planes…and loves to ask “What’s the biggest/fastest/strongest/your favorite/longest anything/something”…and the list is endless.

Days of laughter

laughing man

and nights like this



He’s been around music all his life-he listens to it at night.  When he was younger, he would direct my college band as they played

directing (why can’t they stay little like this??? he tells me I missed the pause button-I could have found it three years ago)

Now, he’s grown into a great young man.  We are very active in Boy Scouts, and he loves heading out into the woods to camp with his troop.  And he’s a member of his school band.  Can a mom brag for a moment?  He has played tuba for about six months now.  At Christmas, his director handed him a folder of music and told him that if he learned it, he could play with the seventh and eighth grade band in their evaluation concert (I call it Festival).  He worked extremely hard on that music.  A few weeks ago, he was the only sixth grade band member playing with the older group.  The smallest kid in the group playing one of the largest instruments in the band, and he played it well.  Made this mom proud (dad was just as proud, as he plays tuba, too).


We went to Albany, Georgia last week to watch the United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corp-the Commandant’s Own.  The Marine Silent Drill Team was also there.  To say he was excited is an  understatement!  After the performance, we were able to meet and talk with the members; a friend of ours gave us a name of a musician to find (friends in high places!!!)  Not only did we find him, but he talked with us for a while, answered our questions, and introduced us to another member of the Drum and Bugle Corp-a tuba player.  He was awesome enough to let Braddock hold his tuba. IMAG1079

I can’t wait to see what he does with his life, what he learns, how he grows.

DPP_02044 copy copy


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