Blessings Gone…

Remember this?

abandoned blessings

Beautiful, yet alone.  Abandoned, forgotten.  Standing quietly, waiting. For what?  Time to stand still?  Someone to walk in her doors?  Brides to walk in with their fathers, walk out with their husbands?

And now…



church 5Doors still intact, holding onto the past, keeping the stories inside.  But, just inside…

church ruins wm

Destruction.  Falling apart.   Pieces torn.

church 3

The old girl is tired, she is worn out. From the celebrating that took place under her roof, within her walls?

church 2

church 4

church 4 bw

church 7

We are like this old girl: on the outside, a little worn, in need of repair.  We shield ourselves, put up caution tape around our hearts to keep the danger away.  We look “normal” on the outside, but the inside is broken, shattered.

 Soon, this will be but a memory.  Bulldozers will come, tear down the remaining structure. What’s left will be dumped into dumpsters and taken away.  But those who worshiped here will remember her beauty, her stories, because they are her beauty, they are her story.

The blessing of the building will be gone, but the blessing of the people from within remain.

church 6


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