Small Town Living

I live in a small town in south Georgia.  This hasn’t always been the case: I grew up in Metro Atlanta-Gwinnett County.  Everything I needed five minutes away, ten tops.  Now, it’s 30 minutes to Wal Mart, Target, Publix-I have to want to go-and NEED things-have a list-to go.  There are 10 red lights in this county: 9 in the city we call home.  It’s a love-hate relationship: there aren’t as many things to do, but then, because there aren’t as many thing to do, you’re forced to slow down, to notice things. So I grab my camera, jump in the car, and wander.  On a late Friday afternoon, this is what I found.  Dirt roads, fields of weeds, just waiting to be plowed and planted, old barns, deserted wood-sided schools that have stories:  while there are many things from the big city I’d love to have, the big city doesn’t have these things. weeds wm

weeds2 wm



weeds in field 2 wm weeds in field wm







barn wm

sunny field wm

leaf shadows wm

dirt road wm (2)

flowers wm

old school wm

old barn wm


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