Away from it All…

Last week the men of the house headed north to boy scout camp; I headed south to Florida to spend some time with some dear college friends.  They are super awesome because they let me crash at their house-but they did get dinner and two sour cream pound cakes out of it!

We headed to a sleepy little town last Thursday.  The roads all seemed to end at water’s edge, all sorts of birds flying around, beautiful old houses.  We ate here for lunch: shrimp tacos for lunch, a green garlicky dressing for my salad, and homemade bread, still warm from the oven (I’m a carb freak).  Great food, a great friend, and a great view.

shirmp boats wm

I could live with this view everyday.  Shrimp boats everywhere.

hands in the water 2 wm

It’s a lazy lifestyle, but someone has to do it.  We think this is the best way to travel by boat-with your hand in the water.

bird wm

posing bird wm

My new friends were happy to pose for me.

After lunch, we walked around the town, checking out the little shops and the nooks and crannies around town.


tree wm

tree bark wm

doors wm

Love the colors.  And the bike below is in the corner of this studio.

bike wm

 There’s this one shop called The Tin Shed-they sell nautical antiques and collectibles.

 Lots of neat and quirky things to be seen (and take pictures of!)

red light wm

pirate wm

Several pirates on hand.  Not sure she’d look good at my house, but there’d be lots of conversation about her and her friends.

colored glass wm

buoys2 wm

buoys wm


Sponges, with the pirate as guard.

road wm

Shrimp boat heading out to the bay.

I’ll be back.


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