The Mom Heart

We have a little family of three in this house; I’m outnumbered 2-1 (if you count the cats and bearded dragon, then the girls outnumber the guys 3-2).

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You had a beautiful day, friends.  And a beautiful weekend.


A Proud Mom Moment

My super awesome son joined his school band this year.  He’s been playing maybe 6 months.  Both my husband and myself are musicians: he plays tuba, I play every band instrument (I’m a band director!).  While we’ve never pushed Braddock into music, as musicians, there really wasn’t a decision of whether he would be in band, it was more of what he would play.  Honestly, he wasn’t sure he wanted to, but now, he says it is his favorite class.  And that makes this mom/band director’s heart happy.

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Abandoned Blessings…


Took a little road trip earlier today with the lumberjack and the little man.  Little man and I were just along for the ride (it happens sometimes, we just go along to keep each other company).  We pulled up to where business was to be conducted (a little squeamish for some), and there’s this beautiful, old, abandoned church at the corner.  I had to jump out of the van and take a quick picture.

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Pampered Chef Spring Launch


Hanging out with my Pampered Chef sisters at Spring Launch today. I’m excited, because we get to see the new products for Spring, but we also have great training sessions. I’m sworn to secrecy about the new products until next Sunday, but I’m pretty sure they will be cool. Oh yeah, I’m working on earning a trip to Disney Land, all expenses paid!